Mother and child

Children can come along to the practice!

Starting today, children are welcome in the practice.

There are some conditions:
– Keep your child on your lap or in the pram.
– Also clean your child’s hands after arrival with alcohol.
– Leave your child at home if possible.
– There will be no toys at the practice, so bring something to entertain your child.

Thanks Romy

Thank you Romy & welcome Eef en Lonneke

After having worked with us for over 1.5 years, Romy will unfortunately leave us in September.
Thank you Romy for everything!

The experienced Lonneke Mansmans and Eef van Soest will join our team. Lonneke and Eef have already started with us, so you will soon meet them during the consultation hour or perhaps already during the delivery!

Pelikaan op het water


Summer has started. The borders are open and we can go on holiday again!

We go on a holiday by turns. During the holiday period we are supported by some fantastic midwives. They are all experienced midwives, who are fully aware of our way of working and your (birth) preferences.


We are pleased to inform you, we can ease some Corona measures

What will change, starting may 11:
•Partners are welcome again during appointments and ultrasounds. However, we kindly request you not to come every check
• All ultrasounds are offered again
• All checks during pregnancy may again take place physically
• During a home-birth, you’re allowed to bring maximally 2 extra persons • We will visit you again during your maternity week.
• The hearing test for newborn babies will be performed at the same time as the heel prick again

Father and daughter

Despite the distance, very close…

After closing the door of the examination room, my eyes need to adjust to the relative darkness. When the lights are turned off, my attention is drawn to the images of a beautiful eleven-week-old baby on my ultrasound screen. Usually, our clients are together with their partner or a loved one at the appointment, but not today. Protocol dictates otherwise since …

Corona Q&A

Weekly Q&A COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19- situation, you may have questions and uncertainties regarding your pregnancy, delivery and childbirth. Within all available information and advice on COVID-19, it is not always easy to get the correct information that is relevant to you. In addition, unfortunately, we learned that there is also ‘fake news’ going around.  To provide you with correct information, we …

FAQ corona

FAQ COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We understand that you have a lot of questions about the coronavirus. We try to keep you informed and updated as much as we can. On this page, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We can imagine that you have a lot of questions about the coronavirus. Because this is a new virus, we don’t have all the answers yet. And advices and measures sometimes change due to new insights. We’ll keep you posted and informed as much as we can! We continue to closely follow the advice of the Dutch Institute for Public …