Seminar on delivery

For years we gave monthly a Live seminar about childbirth. Due to Covid we were forced to stop it and email the recorded seminar. Now, 2 years later, parents prefer the online seminar, because you can watch it at any time. So we keep it this way!

The moment you are 30 weeks pregnant (or earlier if you wish) you will receive a link from us to this 2-hour seminar, in which we explain in detail how the course of a birth is and what you can expect. We also discuss when you can call us and what we can do for you. After that, we will schedule a separate (long) appointment with you during this consultation to discuss your birth wishes and will answer all your questions.

Early pregnancy

This online seminar is for all expectant parents who expect their first child. The aim of this evening is to inform you at an early stage (5-6-7 weeks) about the lifestyle, sports and nutrition. Furthermore, questions or complaints that are there can be asked and answered, explanations are given about examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound and prenatal screening. This early education precedes the first appointment with us who usually takes place at 8-10 weeks.

You can register here.

Breastfeeding course

We recommend that you take a breastfeeding course. This really has an enormous added value, to know a bit more about breastfeeding to make a good start.
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- Mamma-minds