Early pregnancy

The early education is for all expectant parents who expect their first child. The aim of this evening is to inform you at an early stage (5-6-7 weeks) about the lifestyle, sports and nutrition. Furthermore, questions or complaints that are there can be asked and answered, explanations are given about examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound and prenatal screening. This early education precedes the first appointment with us who usually takes place at 8-10 weeks.

We cancel this seminar due to the Coronavirus. 

Because the seminar will not take place, this information will be discussed by the midwife during your personal check (s).

Seminar on delivery

An important part of antenatal care is the seminar on childbirth. You’ll get here a lot of additional information, for which there’s not always time to talk about during the consulting-hours. Come together, because your partner is very important!

We cancel this seminar due to the Coronavirus. We recorded it for you. Register for this seminar, and we will send it digitally.

Childbirth one-day course

During this (English spoken) one-day course, we will cover all topics around childbirth.
- Dutch healthcare system
- What to organize
- Stages in labour
- Relaxation techniques
- How to support
- Birth positions
- Possibilities in pain relief
- The baby is there! Now what?
- Breast or bottle feeding
- Q&A

We canceled this seminar due to the Coronavirus. In our adressbook you can find online courses.

Breastfeeding course

We recommend that you take a breastfeeding course. This really has an enormous added value, to know a bit more about breastfeeding to make a good start.
- De Boezemvriend
- Mamma-minds