• Ultrasounds are harmless
    • Possible from 7 weeks of pregnancy
    • Ultrasounds in our practice
    • Insurance reimburses at least 3 ultrasounds
    • Extra ultrasounds are always possible on request

    The first ultrasound is such a special moment in your pregnancy. You will then see the baby for the first time! This ultrasound takes place when you are between 7-11 weeks pregnant.

    Multiple ultrasounds will be made during pregnancy.But you can always schedule extra ultrasounds if you like that yourself!

    • Most scans are made in our own practice at the Nicolaas Witsenkade.
    • The specialist ultrasounds (combination test and 20-week ultrasound) are made in our ultrasound center Echopunt *.
    • You can watch on a large TV
    • You always receive a photo
    • We can also save the photos on a UBS stick
    • An ultrasound is not harmful to the pregnancy

    We will explain the different ultrasounds

    What do the abbreviations on the ultrasound mean?

    EDLM: The First Day of your Last Period
    G/P: How many times have you been pregnant (Gravida) and how many times have you given birth (Para)
    A terme: This is your due date
    CRL: crown rump length. The length from the baby's head to buttocks (tailbone).
    BPD: Bi-Parietal Diameter. The distance from ear to ear.
    HC: Head Circumference. The head circumference.
    AC: Abdominal Circumference. The waist circumference.
    FL: Femur Length. The length of the bone in the thigh.
    EFW: Estimated Fetal Weight, the estimated child weight at the time of measurement.
    Vrw: Amniotic fluid, the amount of amniotic fluid.

    Ultrasounds can be made internally (through the vagina) or externally (through the abdomen):

    * This is a collaboration between 7 obstetric practices. Through this cooperation and concentration of care, the ultrasound operators are so experienced and skilled that the highest demands are placed on an ultrasound operator.