• Ultrasounds are harmless
    • Possible from 7 weeks of pregnancy
    • Ultrasounds in our practice
    • Insurance reimburses at least 3 ultrasounds
    • Extra ultrasounds are always possible on request

    If you are pregnant, you will receive multiple ultrasounds. This way we can view the child in your uterus. We can clearly see the shape, location and even the organs. The image will be shown on a TV. You also always receive a photo. It is also possible to save photos on a UBS stick.
    An ultrasound is not harmful to pregnancy.

    Most scans are made in our own practice at the Nicolaas Witsenkade. Such as early scan (7-10 weeks) and periodic scan (9-12 weeks). We can also make growth scans and position scans on our own practice. Specialist echoes (combination test and the 20-week scan) are made in our own ultrasound center Echopunt. This is a collaboration between 7 obstetric practices and the OLVG. Through this cooperation and concentration of care, the ultrasound operators are so experienced and skilled that the highest demands are placed on an ultrasound operator.

    Internal scan

    An ultrasound performed under 10 weeks is is always carried out vaginally. Using a probe that’s inserted into the vagina to get as close to the womb as possible. This gives the most sharp images and photos in a young pregnancy.
    Even in a later period it can be decided to switch to an internal echo if the external echo does not give good image quality. An internal ultrasound is not painful.

    A full bladder can get in the way of an internal ultrasound, so if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant, go to the toilet before you get the ultrasound.

    External scan

    While you are on a research bench, the midwife will lubricate the gel on your stomach and move it with a probe over your stomach, looking into the uterus. For an ultrasound via the abdomen, it is useful if your bladder is filled. The full bladder lifts the uterus somewhat upwards so that the baby can be seen better, so come with a slightly filled bladder to the ultrasound.
    An external echo is not painful.