Ultrasounds in pregnancy

We make medical ultrasounds that are reimbursed by the health insurance. You are also welcome in our practice for ultrasounds upon reguest!
Midwife explains ultrasound

Week 7-10

Vitality scan

Free of charge

First ultrasound of your baby (on the house, if your insurer does not reimburse this)

Week 10

Due date scan

Free of charge

We determine your due date

Week 12-14

13-week scan

Free of charge

Test for physical abnormalities

Week 15-18

Gender reveal

€ 52,50

This ultrasound is optional and at your own expense

Week 18-21

20-weken screening

Free of charge

Test for physical abnormalities

Week 24-36

Growth scan

€ 52,50 / Free of Charge

In case of a medical indication, this ultrasound will be covered by the insurance

Week 36

Head-butt ultrasound

Free of charge

Rule out a breech presentation
Whenever you want

Ultrasound upon request

€ 52,50

You are always welcome for an extra ultrasound to look at your baby

Ultrasounds upon request

    Do you want to watch your child more often? Then make an appointment for a ultrasound upon request. We have extensive time to look at the baby and measure it. You will receive a number of photos afterwards.
    Can't get enough of watching your child? Then buy the ultrasound voucher, or give it as a gift!
    Echo voucher

    For 3 ultrasound upon request

    € 110,00

    You save € 47,50!

    To be scheduled between the 8th and 37th week of pregnancy
      An ultrasound upon request is not a medical diagnostic examination, it does not look for abnormalities in mother or child. Sometimes a (suspected) abnormality or abnormal finding is seen by the sonographer by chance. You can indicate prior to the scan whether you want to be informed of this or not. The choice is yours. The sonographer will note this in your file. The practice or the executive sonographer cannot be held accountable for abnormalities that have been revealed later.