What you must buy

You decide how much stuff you want to buy before your child is born. That is very personal. Remember that you can also buy most items after birth. You can then see what you really need. Some items are indispensable for delivery and during the maternity period. Therefore make sure that you have all the stuff in your home from 37 weeks onwards.

Baby stuff (minimal)

  • Bed or crib (+ bedding) for the baby that meets the safety requirements
  • 2 metal jars or hot water bags
  • Digital clinical thermometer
  • Diapers size 1 (for children from 2-5 kg)
  • Babywipes
  • 6 washed cotton hydrophilic diapers
  • Changing pads with 3 covers
  • Baby bath / swaddles
  • 3 bath capes

Clothes for the baby, you can read in the blog: Baby wardrobe

Stuff for childbirth

    You need to have these items at home, regardless of whether you want to give birth at home or in the hospital:

    • Plastic tarpaulin to protect your mattress;
    • Bobbins, to raise your bed to about 65 cm. These are on loan through Thuiszorg Amsterdam. An Alternative to bobbins is empty crates.
    • A roll of garbage bags;
    • A bag for when you (unexpectedly) have to go to the hospital, containing your pregnancy file that you have received from us, insurance card, a punch pad of the hospital (if in your possession) toiletries, clothes for yourself. Clothes for the baby, car seat to transport the baby, camera, Reading material, music, etc. for relaxation and a € 1 and € 2 coin for the wheelchair of the hospital.
    • A maternity package. You often receive this for free from your insurance, ask them if you are about 20 weeks pregnant.

    Does your insurance not cover a maternity package?

    Then buy a maternity package from us (or your pharmacy or chemist).
    In a maternity package at least:

    • 10 incontinence pads (of approx. 50 × 50 cm)
    • umbilical cord clamp
    • bottle of alcohol 70%
    • box of gauze compresses 16/16
    • 10 gauze pads 10 × 10 cm
    • suit maternity bandage
    • suit sanitary napkin