What we do

We will do anything to prepare you well for the birth and to make it a special experience for you and your partner. Tell us your wishes, and your concerns.  Good preparation may reduce your fear and insecurity. You feel more like you have everything under control. We will tell you when the moment has come that you have to call us for the birth. You can always call us when you are worried about something!

Arranging everything for you

We arrange everything during the delivery, in consultation with you. If you want to give birth in the hospital, we will determine with you the right time to go there. We indicate when the maternity nurse can be called. And if you are giving birth, we will visit you on a regular basis and stay with you if the access is quick, or if it is necessary to support you.

Steer safely through the delivery

We are medically schooled and will constantly keep an eye on you and your baby. We examines you internally, for instance, to determine your dilation, assesses the progress of your dilation and the strength of the contractions and she regularly listens to the heart sounds of your baby.
We will ask you how it is going, encourages you and give instructions to you and your partner. We tells you how far along you are and what will happen next. Because we have helped with so many births, we know precisely how to best help you.

We will send you to the obstetrician when there are complications

It is possible that the birth is not `going by the book ́. For instance, because the birth takes too long or because your baby has defecated in the amniotic fluid. If this is the case, we will contact the obstetrician in the hospital and transfer the care to him/her. In the Netherlands this happens to about half the women giving birth to their first child. When women have given birth before then this happens with two out of ten births. We will discuss with you and your partner what is going to happen. We will tell the obstetrician or hospital midwife how your birth went so far and informs them of your wishes. If the gynecologist is fully informed, he/she will take care of us and we will leave. Of course, we see each other again after the birth!

Text from the Brochure 'How to deal with pain'