Our way of working

Every woman is unique, and so is each pregnancy and childbirth. Our experience shows that women experience a positive pregnancy and delivery, when this is done with a personalized approach.

We are convinced that a lot is possible during pregnancy and delivery and that you are perfectly capable of making your own choices.

To do this properly, we make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We listen, suggest options and help you to decide. We also very clearly guard the limits of what is medically safe. That way you can enjoy this special period in a safe way.

Our core values.

What is leading in our approach
  • Warm and wise

    Through experience, we can act with confidence and tranquility. We quickly get to the core and you never have to be afraid of judgment. You can be who you are!

  • Simplicity and quality

    We like a straightforward and down-to-earth approach. We give clarity and certainty. We do our work well and with care.

  • Humour

    We really like our work! We have a positive mindset and look from lightness.

  • Powerful and together

    We truly believe in people and love everyone's differences. Therefore it is never routine. We find the balance between your wishes and effective care. We inform, you decide.