Address book

Acupuncture and Shiatsu

Praktijk aan het IJ (Acupuncture en Shiatsu)

Sabine Schmitz (Acupuncture)

Dagmar Oude Lansink (Shiatsu and massage)

Renee Baas (Acupuncture)
Acupuncturist who also works as a nurse and maternity nurse. (Can sometimes also come to your home)

Inge Swijtink (Acupuncture)
Excellent acupuncturist (trainee) who visits you at home! (Not reimbursed by insurance)



The first months after the birth of your baby can be intense. Although you often feel happy with your baby, this period can also be difficult. It can be difficult to deal with the crying and sleeping behavior of your baby and to understand what your baby wants to make clear to you. Is he hungry, hurt, is he tired or does he want to be with you?
If you need extra support during these first months, you can call Ineke for a baby consultation. In this consultation you are looking together for an explanation for the behavior of your baby. How does the baby drink, why does sleep go so cumbersome, how can sleep behavior be improved, why does the baby cry a lot, how can you deal with the crying of the baby? A solution is sought that suits you as parents and your baby.

Ineke van Straeten

Professional association

The Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV)

Dutch Organisation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG)



Water Ooievaar
06–1254 7855
06–4782 8274



Lactation Consultants

020–471 2729

Maria van Starkenburg
06–1477 8662

Len Buffing
06–1585 1325

Simone Compier
06–2464 8635

Coos Wimmenhove
06–1685 2648

Marieke van Luin

Ineke van Straeten
06–4156 5997

Coos Wimmenhove
06–1685 2648

Ina Bleckmann
06–8181 4161

Myrte van Lonkhuijsen
06–2507 0507

Emma Cirk
06- 2119 0281


Breastpumps Rental

- Overtoom 205
  1054 HT Amsterdam
- Schalk Burgerstraat 17
  1092 JW Amsterdam
020–471 2729

Fa. A. Vos en Zoons
1e Oosterparkstraat 64-66
1091 HC Amsterdam
020–694 2379



Aileen Kennedy- Holistic Women's Coaching
With my background in Psychology, Mindfulness, as a Doula and experience in massage I offer sessions to reconnect to yourself Body & Mind. Motherhood is the largest transformation in life and I'm here to support you in this life changing time. Whether you want to conceive, are pregnant or as a new mom I'm here for you!

Wishbone Coaching
Motherhood is one of the most significant transitions in a woman's life. Everything changes: your body, your relationships with others and the one with yourself. Ragna Heidweiller, women's coach at Wishbone Coaching, supports women that get stuck in their work, life, motherhood or relationships. Her practical approach is focused on short term improvements and permanent change. With her help you will make a hands on action plan and unravel your patterns to make way for development and growth.

Gezin op de rit, Veronica Moinat-Kroon
If you want some support after the maternity period, Veronica understands that very well.
Family on the Ride offers coaching sessions in the form of maternity coaching. With maternity coaching she helps you with all those questions, feelings and uncertainties.
06-1466 1978

Mamma Minds
Being pregnant and becoming a mother is an intense period. It is new and sometimes confusing. With a midwife coach you can take steps to see the pregnancy, your birth and mother, with a more relaxed heart.
She will come to your home!
06–1541 7909

Mudra, Tanja Secreve
She has been coaching people around the birth of their child for more than 25 years by means of, among other things, pregnancy yoga & pilates. She also worked in maternity care. She leads the school for pregnancy yoga and has all-round knowledge about pregnancy and birth.
06-4573 9373

Roos Buitenhuis
Coaching and counseling for highly educated people who suffer from stress / burnout, perfectionism or other life issues. She works according to the integrative method. This is an active method that teaches you to restore the connection with yourself step by step.

Sessions are live or online and she has no waiting list.


Specialized in pregnancy. 
Sarphatipark 48H
1073 CZ Amsterdam
(binnen Mokum Fysiotherapie en Training)

- Jan van Galenstraat 76
  1056 CC Amsterdam
- Trompenburgstraat 131
  1079 TW Amsterdam
- Halmaheirastraat 3
  1094 RS Amsterdam
020–686 6506

Sanna Sumner
Expert Nutrition Advice: Healthy Eating, Female And Children’s Health
06–3190 8701

Mood & Food
Weesperstraat 402
1018 DN Amsterdam
Telefoon: 06-8361 4439

De Zoete Appel
Camperstraat 1A
1091 AD Amsterdam
06–4701 4024


Denise van Eeden
Telefoon: 06-383 10872

Patricia Vriens (1961)
06–432 75493

Jennifer Walker

Harriet Thompson
06–5528 7519

Nadia Scherpenhuijzen (1987)
Telefoon: 06-1552 4545

Inbal Sigler
Genisis offers a delicate selection of birth support services.
06–8536 5403

Nadieh Hazes
In addition to doula service, she also offers a private pregnancy course and aftercare after the birth.


Medical ultrasounds (echo’s)

2e Oosterparkstraat 274-M
1092 BV Amsterdam
020–463 0661

Churchill-laan 75
1078 DJ Amsterdam
020–679 1710

Echo Centrum West
020–616 6990

Non medical ultrasounds

2e Oosterparkstraat 274-M
1092 BV Amsterdam
020–463 0661

Echocentrum Amsterdam, Drs. Papa
Kea Boumanstraat 108
1095 MA Amsterdam
020–670 5733

Churchill-laan 75
1078 DJ Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020–679 1710


Association of VG networks
The Association of VG networks connects individuals with very rare syndromes associated with a mental handicap and/or learning difficulties, and their parents.
030–272 7307

National Down Syndrome Society
Dit is een oudervereniging die zich inzet voor de belangen van mensen met Downsyndroom en hun ouders. U kunt bij deze stichting terecht voor meer informatie over Downsyndroom. De stichting ondersteunt ook ouders met een pasgeboren kind met Downsyndroom.
0522–281 337

National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
The RIVM coordinates screening programmes for Down’s syndrome and physical defects at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, in cooperation with the various medical professional associations.


Physiotherapy, Mensendieck

specialized in pregnant women

Margot Prins en Sandra Langenveld

Prinsengracht 513
1016 HR Amsterdam
020–622 2730

De Fysio Studio
Wichersstraat 2
1051 ML Amsterdam

Mensendieck Keizersgracht
Keizersgracht 154
1015 CX Amsterdam
020–354 1293

Physiotherapy Da Costa
Da Costastraat 16
1053 ZB Amsterdam
020–6166 401

Physiotherapy Oostelijk Havengebied
Bogortuin 1
1019 PE Amsterdam
020–419 1419

‘s Gravesandeplein 13-Hs
1091 BB Amsterdam
020–665 89 89

Child Physiotherapy
Olympiaplein 74a
1076 AG Amsterdam
06–4142 1082

(Pelvic) Physiotherapy
- Van Hallstraat 200
  1051 HL Amsterdam
- De Wittenkade 59
020–686 9806

Child physiotherapy
- Minervaplein 25
  1077 TJ Amsterdam
- Hemonystraat 33
020–305 3600

Osteopathy Lindeman
Rooseveltlaan 78
1078 NM Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020-261 4199

Amsterdam Physio
Korte Prinsengracht 91 RE
1013 GR Amsterdam
020–337 5265


Child Sensomotoric therapy

specialized in children

Child Physiotherapy
Olympiaplein 74a
1076 AG Amsterdam
06–4142 1082

Sensomotoric therapy
Kuipersstraat 145C 1073 ER Amsterdam

Child physiotherapy
- Minervaplein 25
  1077 TJ Amsterdam
- Hemonystraat 33
020–305 3600

De Fysio Studio
Wichersstraat 2
1051 ML Amsterdam


Maternity care

Maternity care agency

Mammae Mia
020–640 8337

Zin Kraamzorg
020–740 0005

De kleine Amsterdammer
020–670 6060

0900–515 1575

020–760 7280

020–685 3898

It is also possible to register with an independent maternity nurse. Read more →

Maternity care, EXTRA

After the first week

Maartje Crone
If you are unable to find the right balance, she will be happy to support you in the first three months AFTER maternity care.
For one mother, an hour or two can be enough with some practical advice from her side. The other person would like to have a little longer to, for example, be able to see together what the cause of the crying, sleeping or drinking problem is.
06-4437 9813

ProCare Kraamzorg
At Pro Care Maternity Care it is possible to purchase extra maternity care on a private basis. In addition, there are insurers that (depending on your insurance package) reimburse extra household help after the maternity period.
020 - 760 72 80

Juleh Reiki
Do you need a hold on this new beginning as a mother?
Do you find it hard and / or are you very tired? I would like to come and support you there and give you guidance that you need, so that you can get to yourself and enjoy (more)! (think of: help in household, keeping kids busy and paying attention to the baby etc.)
06-1594 716

Lactation Consultants

- Overtoom 205
  1054 HT Amsterdam
- Schalk Burgerstraat 17
  1092 JW Amsterdam
020–471 2729

Ina Bleckmann
06–8181 4161

Len Buffing
06–1585 1325

Simone Compier
06–2464 8635

Ingrid Hollerman
020–631 4510

Annelies de Haan
06–4167 5888

Ineke van Straeten
Telefoon: 06–4156 5997


Loss support

Palmyra Bakker
If you experience a sense of loss, I am here to listen to your story. I offer one on one counselling and I am highly qualified in working with various forms of bereavement resulting from loss. I create a safe and confidential space, where I listen to you without judgement.

Parent and Child Centre (OKC)

OKC Amsterdam

020–555 5961



Psychologen Groepspraktijk Amsterdam
Rustenburgerstraat 142 a-c
1073 GJ Amsterdam
020–679 5719

Psyche en Zwangerschap
Multiple locations in Amsterdam

The Advisory Store
They provide face-to-face support by advanced Psychology students who provide a listening ear and offer practical solutions to help you get back on track. They offer a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and informative environment for people to talk about their mental health. At De Advieswinkel you can talk about your problems or questions relating to mental health and wellbeing in confidence, free of charge and anonymously.
The students receive on-going training from experienced mental health care psychologists to ensure a high quality service.

Mama fit
Mama-Fit! is an independent practice focused on quick, careful, preventive and expert psychological counseling about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


Postnatal Exercise Baby + Me
Baby + Me classes are a great opportunity to enjoy a full postnatal pilates practice whilst enjoying the company of your little one.

Active Healthcenter
Their weekly classes and regular workshops support women and babies though the post-natal period.

The Movement Practice
Post-Natal Pilates is designed to help you re-connect with your body and recover from giving birth.

Yoga Class (Baby & Me) 
This class is built up for you to enjoy progressive practices to start your postnatal recovery and continue to add strength to your core muscles, realign your spine and stabilize your pelvic joints.



0900–250 0002




OLVG 'Anna Paviljoen'
Oosterpark 9
1091 AC Amsterdam
020–599 9111
The delivery rooms are located on the 2nd floor

(used to be: St. Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis) 
Jan Tooropstraat 164
1061 AE Amsterdam
020–510 8911
The delivery rooms are located on the 2nd floor, route 22

Boven-IJ Ziekenhuis
Statenjachtstraat 1
1034 CS Amsterdam
020–634 6346
The delivery rooms are located on the 1ste floor, route 89

Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam
020–566 9111
The delivery rooms are located in block H on the 3rd floor

Amstelland Ziekenhuis
Laan van de Helende meesters 8
1186 AM Amstelveen
020-755 6642
The delivery rooms are located on the 1st floor.


Zaans Medisch Centrum
Koningin Julianaplein 58
1502 DV Zaandam
075 - 650 7125
The delivery rooms are located on the 3rd floor, follow Route Zuid 3.11.
Enter at night through the Emergency department.

Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis Beverwijk
Vondellaan 13
1942 LE Beverwijk
0251 - 265684
The delivery rooms are located on the 3rd floor.


Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem Zuid
Boerhaavelaan 22
2035 RC Haarlem
023 - 2240382
The delivery rooms are located on the 3rd floor.

TerGooi Location Hilversum
Laan van Tergooi 2
1212 VG Hilversum
Telefoon: 088-753 1130

The delivery rooms are located on the 1st floor of department C.

NWZ Alkmaar
Wilhelminalaan 12
1815 JD Alkmaar
072 - 548 2940
The delivery rooms are located on the 3rd floor. At the main entrance, take the 1st elevator block and follow 'delivery rooms 338'.

NWZ Den Helder
Huisduinerweg 3
1782 GZ Den Helder
Telefoon: 0223 - 691 001
The delivery rooms are located on the 5th floor.

Hospitaalweg 1
1315 RA Almere
Telefoon: 036 868 9507

During daytime (until 22:00) Follow Route 145 at the main entrance.
After 22:00 the entrance is at the dialysis, just past the emergency entrance. At the door is the number of the delivery rooms that you can call, they will open the door. From then on follow route 145.

DLZ Hoorn
Fr. Maelsonstraat 3
1624 NP Hoorn
Telefoon: 0229 - 257 838

The delivery rooms are located in the 'Centrum voor geboortezorg'. At the entrance, follow the signs on the top left wall with 'Centrum voor geboortezorg', these will take you to the E-lifts. Then take this elevator to the 2nd floor, the counter is on the left.

‘Bevalcenter South' 
Kastelenstraat 107
1082 EB Amsterdam
Your navigation finds the address better if you enter: Zeelandstraat 72.


Maternity gymnastics/ Childbirth preparation

There are several different pregnancy courses. Private or in a group; weekly or once; only informative or combined with exercises. It is not mandatory to do a course, but many women (and men) experience it as supportive during pregnancy and useful in preparation for delivery. Below is a selection from the large selection in Amsterdam. Some health insurers reimburse (part of) the course costs for a supplementary insurance. Check with your insurance company or look in your policy.

Online pregnancy course

Course on demand
An online course with video's. The course consists of several lessons, varying from 10-45 minutes. When you are tired you can stop an continue at a later time. The video's can also be watched several times. All video's have an hand-out that can be downloaded for printing to have a reference book. 
(Available in English, Polski, Arabic and Francais)

Mom & Co
For a positive birth experience. Consciously down to earth. During the pregnancy course you learn to live with your partner in a relaxed way to the birth of your baby. The partners have an important role in the process and therefore also play an important role during the course.
They also have a course to prepare you both for the postnatal period!

Maternity Mensendieck

Practice where you can get both haptonomic antenatal care as a course based on mensendieck. They work with you to trust you before delivery and to fit and relaxed body.


Consciously on the move
In pregnancy yoga, you work through body exercises to maintain or improve your condition, while the exercises are also aimed at making your muscles and joints stronger and more flexible. By working with the body, your consciousness grows in relation to your body and its possibilities, so that you will be better able to use it effectively in daily life and during the process of birthing.

Yoga -van Ostadestraat-
The pregnancy yoga in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer. The pregnancy yoga is a continuous cycle, allowing pregnant women to enter every class.

Kasia Pokrop
Offering HypnoBirthing® courses and yoga classes in Amsterdam.

Delight Yoga -Weteringschans / Clercqstraat-
During this 1 hour lesson you will do exercises: meditation and classical yoga postures together with breathing and relaxation exercises and specific postures that may come in handy during the delivery. This yoga class is intended for women who are between 13 and 36 weeks pregnant.

Mammas 191 -Lutmastraat-
Discover the benefits of yoga for body and soul during pregnancy, in a variety of classes that are safe, caring, effective and informative.

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Prenatal yoga -Studio 108-
The classes (in the Pijp aerea) are based on the renowned Birthlight Yoga – a UK based charitable trust that is dedicated to promote a sensitive and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting. This is a 6-class-course for women in their 12th till 33rd week of pregnancy.


The Movement Practice
Pregnancy and Pilates in Amsterdam West.



Kasia Pokrop
Offering HypnoBirthing® courses and yoga classes in Amsterdam.

Praktijk voor hypnotherapie en zwangerschapsbegeleiding
During this guidance you learn how to apply self-hypnosis during childbirth.

Mom & Co
For a positive birth experience. Consciously down to earth. During the pregnancy course you learn to live with your partner in a relaxed way to the birth of your baby. The partners have an important role in the process and therefore also play an important role during the course.

One Day Pregnancy Retreat
Essentially a birth preparation in one day based on yoga, HypnoBirthing and coaching for change to prepare for postpartum time. 

    Inbal Sigler
    Genisis offers a delicate selection of birth support services.
    06–8536 5403


    Pregnancy fitness

    Pregnancy fitness
    At every level in the south of A'dam

    zwangerfit cursus
    Tijdens de zwangerfit cursus gaan ze je in een traject van tien bijeenkomsten op mentaal en fysiek vlak veel leren over je zwangerschap, de bevalling en de fase daarna. De bijeenkomsten bestaan uit (fysieke) training én coaching. Zodat je mentaal en fysiek optimaal wordt voorbereid op je de bevalling.


    Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Childbirth

    Mindful Birthing & Parenting
    In this course you can prepare for birth and parenting with your partner. This course teaches all you need to know about birth and teaches you skills for birthing with more confidence and more acceptance for how labor unfolds. Couples say they feel more connected because of the course. You will learn life long mindfulness skills that will benefit your greatly in pregnancy, birth and life as a parent.


    Pregnancy course exercises and theory

    The courses are not only physical, but also mental and practical preparation. She also gives a 'Course-in-1-day' and private lessons.

    Mirjam Vos
    The famous childbirth class in English in the Netherlands.

    Drs Mama
    The course is taught by Mirte Wibaut and Bregje Feuth, both doctor and mother of 3 children. Through medical information; Individual coaching gives a clear picture of what childbirth means and teaches you to rely on your own strengths and expertise.

    Maternity outdoor sports

    Mom in Balance
    You are pregnant, have a busy life, but you also want to keep moving actively. In collaboration with gynecologists and pelvic floor physiotherapists, the Mom in Balance Sport program is specifically designed for the pregnant body. We work under professional supervision to maintain the general condition and strengthen the body. In a park in your area.



    Love Energy Work
    As a mother, obstetrician and healer, Dana is enormously experienced. The massage can be done at your home or in consultation in another place.
    06-625 301 130

    Watergraafsmeer Wellness
    NY State Licensed Massage Therapist
    Pythagorasstraat 29
    1098 EW Amsterdam

    Wellness Oase Oost
    Middenweg 311
    1098 AT Amsterdam
    Telefoon: 06-41000549

    MaMassage massage
    Willemsparkweg 176
    1071HT Amsterdam 
    06 - 3978 0723
    Also possible at home!

    Doctor Feelgood
    - Scheldestraat 16
    1078 GK Amsterdam
    - Czaar Peterstraat 108
    1018 PT Amsterdam
    020–6201 570

    Bette Schilndler
    Gives massages at home!
    - Domselaerstraat 42
    - Theophile de Bockstraat
    06–2826 2892

    Amsterdam massage center
    Kerkstraat 175 H
    1017 GH Amsterdam
    06–2434 0443

    Bea Pronk, massage aan huis
    Gives massages at home!
    06–2953 3593

    Bebeque, massage aan huis
    Gives massages at home!
    020–6881 463

    Brouwersgracht 270a
    1013 HG Amsterdam
    06–2434 0443

    Massage Marin
    Egelantiersstraat 1bg
    1015 PV Amsterdam
    06–3835 8185

    Joyce Hoek-Pula
    In addition to Pregnancy massage, gives private sessions in preparation for childbirth
    06–1829 3941

    Amsterdam Fysio
    - Egelantiersstraat 1bg
    1013 GR Amsterdam
    - Nassaukade 361
    1054 AA Amsterdam
    020–3375 265

    KoanFloat massage
    Herengracht 321
    1016 AW Amsterdam
    020–555 0333

    Pregnancy Foot Reflex
    At your home!
    - Fertility Support
    - Support during pregnancy
    - Induction massage, after 40 weeks
    - Hormone Rebalance, after pregnancy
    06-1541 5962