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Personal Maternity care

It is common to receive maternity care from a maternity care agency. But it is also possible to receive care from an independent maternity nurse (instead of an agency).

PLEASE NOTE: Because self-employed maternity care does not have help/protocols from a maternity agency, it is important to always check the following:

  • Is she available for the entire period? (3 weeks before to 3 weeks after your due date)
  • Does she pay her own parking costs?
  • Has she arranged a replacement in case she gets sick?
  • Can she be with you (day and night) within 30 minutes?*

Has anything above been answered with NO? I advise you not to register with her and to register with a maternity care agency.

* Even if you are going to give birth in the hospital! The maternity nurse always assists us with a home birth, but increasingly she also has to assist us if you decide to give birth in hospital.

Personal Maternity care

Lisa Zwaaneveldt
06–1874 0535

Kraamzorg Wonders
Natural & holistic maternity care

Coos Wimmenhove
also lactation consultant
06–1685 2648

Jolanda de Jager
06–1448 6783

Heidi Peeters
06–5090 2955

Caroline Akerboom
06–3937 1980

Gertie Hagen
020–610 4420

Christien Refos
06–1692 1180

Delphine Petit-Postma
06–2838 8867

Maartje Crone
06-4437 9813