Flu jab


All women who are > 22 weeks pregnant between October 1st and December 31nd are eligible for the flu shot.

In this blog we will tell you how te get one.

VUmc hospital

No more deliveries at the VUmc

From November 29, 2021, there will be no more deliveries at the VUmc location.
Fortunately, there are enough hospitals left in and around Amsterdam to give birth!


Covid measures

In this blog we tell you what the current measures are in practice.

We also tell you what to do if you or your partner is infected with Covid-19.

Vaccination Corona

Adjusted advice Corona vaccination

All pregnant women are advised to get vaccinated, preferably with an mRNA vaccine after receiving an invitation for a COVID-19 vaccination.

You can read the research report yourself at: www.nejm.org

helping people

Helping someone after a miscarriage

The mother of a client of ours once called. She asked me how she could help her daughter with her miscarriage. I thought this was so moving and sweet!

Almost 1/4 women have experienced a pregnancy loss. So the chance that someone close to you will ever experience this is high. That’s why I’m writing this blog.

only by appointment

The laboratories only work by appointment.

Due to Corona, all laboratories in the city have adjusted their opening hours. And you almost always have to make an appointment in advance.

The links to the website can be found here.