only by appointment

The laboratories only work by appointment.

Due to Corona, all laboratories in the city have adjusted their opening hours. And you almost always have to make an appointment in advance. So always check the website of the purchase point.

The laboratories of the OLVG only work by appointment. You must schedule this appointment online.

The SHO website contains the adjusted opening hours and the way in which you can make an appointment. By phone or email. This differs per location.

ATAL medial
The adjusted opening hours and the way in which you can make an appointment are listed on the ATAL website. By phone or email. This differs per location. They also have locations where you do not have to make an appointment.

For all laboratories:
– Patients with a cold, cough, shortness of breath or fever cannot get blood drawing!
– They conduct a door policy at the blood collection locations. Patients with respiratory complaints are sent home.

Do you have symptoms and the blood test cannot wait? Call us! We will refer you to a location where patients are seen who are (possibly) infected with Corona and where special protective equipment is used.