Covid measures

What should you do if you or your partner is infected with Covid-19:

  • Call us the next working day or send us an email. Even if you do not have an appointment in the short term. It is important that we are aware of this.
  • If you have an appointment at short notice, we will discuss whether it is possible to reschedule or whether we allow it to continue. If the appointment goes through we will wear protective clothing. You will always receive the necessary care from us!
  • If you are> 37 weeks pregnant and you or your partner need to undergo a COVID test, please call us. You may be eligible for the priority scheme and receive the test result within a day.

The measures:

  • We don’t shake hands
  • We kindly ask you to wear a face mask when you visit the practice. This is not mandatory. (During childbirth you never have to wear a face mask!)
  • We will wear a face mask in the practice, during childbirth and maternity visits. 
  • The heart consultation hour is unfortunately suspended, because it could get too busy. We now only work by appointment.
  • Unfortunately, the information meetings/seminars can not yet take place, and will therefore remain digital for the time being.
  • If you experience corona-related complaints or if you have been tested positively for corona, then we ask you to report this to us by telephone as soon as possible. Do not come to the practice!
    Together we then examine whether the check is necessary or can be postponed.

To ensure that everyone can keep 1.5 meters distance from others:

  • This is sometimes difficult in our small waiting room. That is why we would like to request that you:
    • Preferably come to the appointment alone or with your partner. No friends or other relatives.
    • It helps enormously if you do not come to the practice too long before your appointment, and also leave the practice as soon as possible after your appointment.
    • Feel free to take a seat on the bench in front of the practice or on the roof terrace when the weather is nice.
  • We always try to work well within the available time, but in our profession unexpected things sometimes happen, which means that more time is needed than previously estimated. But we want to prevent the waiting room from becoming too full. If we need more time for your appointment, we may schedule a new appointment or resume the conversation by telephone at a later time that day.

After birth:

  • We still contact you frequently by phone. Please know that we usually call with an anonymous number. Therefore, in these times please do answer anonymous calls, also in your maternity week.

It remains very important that you at all times, contact us if you are worried or if you have any complaints. Do not wait (because it’s the weekend, or because it’s not the consulting hour e.g.) but always call the midwife on duty.

So far for the adjustments to the obstetric care.
We again hope for your understanding.