When to call us

During pregnancy

Call 06-54788178 when:

  • You are worried
  • You have contractions (or stomach ache) and have not yet been pregnant for 37 weeks
  • You have loss of blood
    • You don’t feel well, a kind of sick and unpleasant feeling
    • You have a pain on the right-hand side above your stomach. You have a
      tight feeling around your midriff (the place behind your bra under your breasts)
    • You have a stomach ache
    • You are bothered by light or have other complaints about your eyes
    • You are suddenly retaining fluids in your face or your legs
    • You have a tingling feeling in your fingersYou have complaints the can indicate high blood pressure like:

Call 020-627 97 67 when:

  • You want to register at the practice
  • You want to change an appointment (you cannot do this by email)
  • You have small complaints or questions that are not urgent. A midwife will then call you back within a couple of hours
  • You have administrative questions
  • You need a certificate (of pregnancy) for your employer or an airline company

During delivery

Always call 06-54788178

  • You are worried
  • There is loss of blood

You are having contractions

  • It is your first delivery you should call us if you have been having regular contractions for an hour, recurring every 3 minutes and continuing for 1 minute.
  • You have given birth before, you should call us if you are having contractions every five minutes and continuing for 1 minute. It is possible that we make a different arrangement, depending on how your first confinement went.

Your waters break

  • It is brown or green (or you doubt it) call us immediately
  • It is colourless with white (or light pink) flakes and:
    • The head has not yet engaged (we will tell you this during surgery), call us immediately
    • The head has engaged then you don’t need to call us during the night; try to go back to sleep and call us in the morning. If this happens in daytime, you can call us immediately.

In the postnatal period

Always call 06-54788178

  • You are worried
  • You are losing a lot of blood. If you lose more than two large clots of blood or if you continue to bleed as if a tap is open
  • You feel ill and have a fever
  • You feel down
  • The baby is not drinking well
  • You think that the baby is ill
  • The temperature of the baby is lower than 36.5 or higher than 37.5 degrees Centigrade.