You're pregnant in Amsterdam - congratulations!

Amsterdam (and Holland) is a great place to get and raise children. Dutch children are actually the happiest kids in the world!

We understand that being pregnant can be extra daunting for expats: different country, different language, different healthcare system and a long way from home and your family.

Fortunately, The Netherlands has one of the finest healthcare systems in the world, and we are here to guide you along the way, as we have done with so many other expats.

Witsenkade Internationals

We are a truely expat-friendly practice. About 40% of our current clients is non-Dutch. Our mission of providing the best and most personal care implies a lot more for internationals:

  • All our midwives speak fluently English
  • All our written information is available in English
  • We organize a separate seminar on delivery for English speaking clients
  • When women move from or to Amsterdam during their pregnancy, we work actively together with their gyneacologist to facilitate a smooth transfer
  • We work together with multi-nationals and international schools
  • We organize regular meetups with international pregnant women

Feel free to ask us any question!
Even if you're not (yet) a client

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The Dutch maternal healthcare system

The Dutch maternal and midwifery healthcare system is outstanding and at the same time different than many western countries. There are many rumors about the approach, mainly about home deliveries and pain relief.

For a thorough understanding of the system, please read this brochure. If you have any questions about the Dutch healthcare system, please contact us.

Key highlights of the Dutch system:

  • We have a 3-tier system: healthy women with an uncomplicated pregnancy are served by midwives, medium and high-risk pregnancies are covered by obstetricians and clinical midwives in general and academic hospitals
  • The care is based on the idea that a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy (low-risk) is best taken care of by a midwife. This minimises her chances of receiving unnecessary interventions of any kind, gives her a high standard of care and is cost-effective.
  • Women are free to state their preference between a home delivery or a delivery in the hospital (even when you are under our care)
  • Women have access to a wide range of pain relief options, including epidural, remifentail and gas-and-air