What we can do

We will do everything we can to prepare you for the delivery and to make it a special experience for you and your partner.

Arranging everything for you
We arrange everything during the delivery, in consultation with you. If you want to give birth in the hospital, we will determine with you the right time to go there. We indicate when the maternity nurse can be called. And if you are giving birth, we will visit you on a regular basis and stay with you if the access is quick, or if it is necessary to support you.

Steer safely through the delivery
We are a medical specialist who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. We always keep an eye on how you and your child are doing. For example, we check your access internally, assess its progress and the strength of the contractions and listen regularly to the heart tones of your child. We ask you how it goes, encourage you and give you and your partner directions. We tell you how far you are and how the further course will be. We specialize in pregnancies and deliveries, so you are in good hands. With us you can lose all your questions, worries and wishes.

You transfer it to the gynecologist in case of complications
It is possible that the delivery does not go completely 'according to the booklet'. For example because the delivery takes too long, or because your child pooped in the amniotic fluid. It is also possible that you want pain relief. In these cases there is a medical indication, and you need other guidance, which a gynecologist can give you. In such a case, we will contact the gynecologist in the hospital of your choice. We hand you over to the gynecologist, which means that we tell the gynecologist at the hospital how the pregnancy and delivery until then went. We also communicate what your wishes are regarding the delivery. If the gynecologist is fully informed, he / she will take care of us and we will leave. Of course we see each other again after the birth in childbirth!