Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide / Gas and Air

Nitrous oxide (Relivopan®) is a mixture of (di)nitrogen(oxide) (N2O) and oxygen (O2). During a contraction, you give yourself nitrous oxide via a mouth-nose mask. You put a cap over your nose and mouth, put on a chin mask and breathe in the gas. After the contraction, you take the cap off again and administration will stop automatically. We will make sure that you are using the nitrous oxide correctly. 

Advantages of nitrous oxide

  • Nitrous oxide works after only 1 minute.
  • Nitrous oxide helps you relax properly and ensures that you can better tolerate the pain.
  • With nitrous oxide, your condition and that of your baby do not need to be closely monitored.
  • You consciously experience the childbirth.

After you stop inhaling nitrous oxide, it is quickly gone from your body.

Disadvantages of nitrous oxide

  • Nitrous oxide can make you feel nauseous, dizzy or drowsy. These side effects go away quickly when you remove the cap.
  • You cannot walk around because of the equipment.
  • During the pushing phase, you cannot use nitrous oxide.

Practical matters

Nitrous oxide is only available in the Geboortehuis and the birthing Centre in the OLVG-west.

Text from the Brochure 'How to deal with pain'